Utilise Instagram to promote your NFP brand

It’s no argument that Instagram is one of the most popular and viral social media sites today, allowing brands to easily spread their message and presence in the online world. Since it first launched in 2010, Instagram has accumulated 700 million active monthly users, meaning that there is huge audience to tap into. Follow our tips to increase impressions, engagement, and ultimately help your NFP brand stand out as #instagood.

Story Highlights:

Story highlights is a function that allows you to curate stories (that would otherwise disappear) into the section below your Instagram bio, that lasts until you delete them. NFPs can utilise these highlights to showcase and promote the benefits of volunteering and NFP work, such as highlighting videos and photos from events. This is a great way to show both your current audience and new audiences the benefits of your organisation, showcasing content you want profile visitors to see first.

Best yet, story highlights drive social media campaigns! Keep them updated and pinned at the top of your profile for the duration of the campaign to maximise impressions.


Go Live:

This applies to most social media – going live is increasingly popular and being encouraged across both Facebook and Instagram. When you go live, followers are notified, increasing overall impressions of your video. Live stories are displayed at the top of follower timelines, right under the Instagram logo. As they are live, they are considered the most recent of all stories and bumped to the front of the list, meaning that it will be the first thing users see when they open the app.

Effectively use the live function by repeating three key messages throughout the video – that way viewers will be exposed to the main messages of your NFPs video no matter when they are watching!


Increase your presence with #hashtags:

Hashtags are a fundamental tool for Instagram. The function improves ‘searchability’ meaning that users will be able to see your post when they search for a hashtag.

To maximise the effectiveness of getting your posts to target audiences, make sure research which hashtags will help push your message. A great, free tool for monitoring hashtags is Hashtagify which allows you to search particular hashtags and compare their popularity with similar hashtags. This way you can estimate how much reach your tags will get.

Rule of thumb on Instagram is to use between 3-5 hashtags. These can be added at the end of the post, in a comment or worked into the actual post. It’s best to make a campaign specific hashtag to make it easier for people to find related content.


@mention other users in your posts:

Collaboration is key to driving engagement across Instagram. By tagging users, you increase exposure and engagement with their audiences. Remember that not everyone monitors hashtags on social media, so tagging other accounts is generally a safer way to improve your brand’s searchability.

A great way to increase followers and exposure is through shout-outs. This is where two brands promote each other to their social audiences. Make sure to include a strong call to action to engage the new audience you are being exposed to. Don’t forget, to utilise mentions, its best to make sure the account aligns with your organisation values to keep your brand message consistent.


By Julia Macerola